Donald F. Fontaine : Attorney at Law

97 India Street 
Portland, ME 04101 

After 48 years of law practice protecting the rights of workers against wage and hour violations, unfair labor practices, discrimination and other illegal employment practices, I fully retired from the practice of law effective December 15, 2018.  I have always had great respect for the law firm Johnson, Webbert & Young, LLP, and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs Maine counsel in an employment-related case.


For further information contact:

Johnson, Webbert & Young, LLP
160 Capitol Street, P.O. Box 79
Augusta, Maine 04332-0079

  • Thank you so much for your story about Donald Fontaine, the lawyer who is suing the big corporations over bi-weekly paychecks. My hat is off the Mr. Fontaine. He has more brass than our representatives, who are more interested in who’s paying for their campaigns than taking care of their constituents.

    Dan Jordan, Biddeford, Letter to the Editor of the Portland Press Herald

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